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Convert to Raid

    Welcome home, raiders!  Join Zhug, Dairies and Koltrane each week for your latest WoW fix on Convert to Raid, the award winning weekly podcast for raiders in World of Warcraft.  This is your home to the latest news and views, boss strategies, player guides and discussion, and really bad jokes.  If it’s in […]

Tauren Think Tank

  Tauren Think Tank is the audio advice column focusing on YOU, the World of Warcraft player.  Jules and Marconin answer your e-mails focused on Guild and Raid Leadership, drama with other players, conflicts with real life, personal dilemmas with the game, etc. and give you our best advice mixed with lighthearted humor. /moo!   Website […]

TV Copilot

    Hello, TV passengers! Johnny Feisty will be assisting you on your entertainment journey on TV Copilot, the comedy podcast about TV shows. If you like your information entertaining, but not necessarily informational, this is the podcast for you. Fun audio clips, “guests”, moderately factual trivia, and surprising interviews galore. If it’s on, it […]

The Grey Area Podcast

  The Grey Area Podcast features interviews with developers, gaming news and reviews with a focus on inter-relationships between gamers. Players of video games often have unique interactions with each other, this podcast explores the creativity and inspiration of developers, level designers, composers and other game related experts. It also has a secondary focus on […]

Death D4 Dishonor

    Every week the international cast of the Death d4 Dishonor podcast delivers an exciting, entertaining, on-going theatre of the mind adventure set somewhere in the D&D 4e multiverse. Episodes are created and recorded on the fly by the cast with sometimes unpredictable results. Our DM Tinzien invites all to come listen and participate […]

Inside the Studio

Pat Krane helps you get into podcasting with this short form video series and audio podcast! Go behind the scenes and learn from an experienced podcaster and audio nerd. Following the signal path from creation to completion, he’ll stop along the way to look at tech, software, microphones, budgeting and more to bring you a […]

The Converted Podcast

The Converted is the podcast dedicated to the Convert to Raid Guild on Aerie Peak – US! Join Belshnickle, Sal, and Navox as they bring in great guests from around the community to talk about the latest in the World of Warcraft. Great people, amazing stories, and tons of fun! Website YouTube iTunes Subscription Twitter […]

NPC Cast

The NPC Cast is a tabletop gaming podcast brought to you by non-player characters Chris, Del, and Aaron. Each week these three lifelong gamers offer up their opinions and insights in regards to board, card, and role-playing games. They also take the time to tell you the things they’re excited about! Website iTunes Subscription Stitcher […]

The Starting Zone

  Hosted by Mick Montgomery and Jesse Kobayashi, The Starting Zone is a World of Warcraft Podcast for New and Experienced Players! If you’re brand new to Warcraft, we offer kind and helpful advice. If you’ve been around Azeroth a few dozen times, then this show worksfor you as well pointing out parts of the […]

Dead Fans Talking

  Hosted by Mick Montgomery, Wendy Maybury and Jarret LeMaster, Dead Fans Talking is your one stop podcast for Walking Dead News, Comic Book Reviews and of course in depth break downs of the latest episode of The Walking Dead television series!   Website iTunes Subscription Twitter Twitch YouTube Production Company