Signals Media All Star Network - Stick it in your ears!


Signals Media LLC was founded by Pat Krane in Minneapolis, Minnesota way back in 2003.  Before it was home to a podcasting network, this company was dedicated to churning out quality audio (and video) projects.  So really, nothing has changed!

Now, Pat has teamed up with some of his friends to make a network.  What does this mean?  More awesome content all in one place.  Take a listen to our wares and tell your friends!

From Pat:
Thank you for joining me and my friends on our podcasts: our cool stories, our trials and tribulations, and our terrible jokes.  And while you may be enjoying the podcasts, my favorite part of the whole thing is having great listeners to share them with, like you.

Welcome to our new community of podcasters and listeners.  I can’t wait to see where this goes from here.

Oh hey, if you need anything, like a voiceover, some cool music, podcasting help, or… whatever, please let me know.  If I can help, I’d be glad to.  And if and when you’re interested in any of those services, just get a hold of me and I’ll let you know my rates.  I’ll make sure to give you the “friend” prices, too.  😉

  • Email: pat at signalsmedia dot com (spam bots have ruined all of mankind)
  • Tweeter: @patkrane
  • Signals Media Tweeter: @AllStarNetwork (just to change it up a bit)

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